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Welcome one and all to Tone Locksmiths of Birmingham where we have, over the last few decades, always tried our very best to assure you that " having a sense of exigency" is our way of life and guiding philosophy in order to assuage your trepidation! We're the best emergency locksmiths in the vicinity!

Your friendly Sutton Coldfield neighbourhood locksmiths are trusted providers with years of experience in our service area. Our remarkable town, granted royal standing by King Henry VIII during the 16th century, lies eight miles northeast of Birmingham, and we are proud to say that we have one of Birmingham's only operational watermills. Did you know? South-west of the town is "the Coldfield", a miserable and gloomy swathe of 13,000 acres, which extends all the way into Staffordshire. We even have a local phone number 0121 270 7388.

Car Lockout Assistance

This is the category of service you could probably do with when you come to open a lock, be it to your caravan or bedsit, only to discover, doom and dismay, that one does not have the requisite key in ones possession. To be sure, it is the absolute most maddening thing that could come to pass. If you have the propensity to mislay your house or car keys on a regular basis you are probably our target customer. Tone Locksmiths of Birmingham can be the keys to your residence, your workplace or even your automobile. Whether a simple car lockout to a complicated keyless entry flap, we can be of assistance! Simply telephone us on our phone number which is: 0121 270 7388.

If like us, you have a vehicle, you know that you need some kind of key to open it and also to drive it. We proudly have been calling ourselves "Car Locksmiths" and consider ourselves rather much the bee's knees, when it comes to matters relating to vehicle lockouts! Our esteemed auto locksmith can help you quickly if you've lost car keys, for example. Even, when you have a second set of keys, not always you can call and ask someone to bring it to you.The first step is to stop the panic - leave the broken glass for the most hopeless case. And contact a professional local locksmith.

Burglary Repair

Our impeccable and highly acclaimed car burglary service is just the ticket. If you have been burglarized, a phenomenon all too common in this day and age, then you should no doubt be on the phone to our 24 hour locksmith in Sutton Coldfield. Of course, we stay up-to-date with Sutton Coldfield's prime crimes and every day add more to our immeasurable knowledge and skill set. For example, we are able to do damage-free car door opening and we will never intently inflict harm on your door or indeed car door frame. Ample customers will testify to having witnessed this for themselves in Sutton Coldfield. In fact your local business probably has much to gain from our services be it a garage or workhouse we can come up with a crafty plan to help you.

For Locals

We, Tone Locksmiths of Birmingham, are fortuitous enough, as car locksmiths, to be located close to rail and road links to nearby big cities. On average, a car journey into Birmingham takes about 52 minutes or thereabouts. Luckily we are also within easy reach of the UK's highway system, and this will include the M6 which can be accessed handily via junctions 5, 6 and even junction7 as well! We can also drive to the M42 via junction number 9 and of course, last but not least, the M6 toll which may be accessed at junctions 2, 3 and also 4. Perhaps you don't drive? Don't worry there are six yes 6, trains per hour from Sutton Coldfield to Birmingham, which, in our approximation, lasts about 20 minutes.

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